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Indonesia for EverybodyIndonesia for Everybody

We believe, 2020 marks a new era for the world. There will be people talking about BC/AC.. Before Corona and  Corona. 2020 is the year of Restart. As with Indonesia, who rise up stronger in the year of AC (After Corona). The nation is stronger with people from different background, different religions, different tribes, as one, shoulder to shoulder, fought off the virus and united as a stronger Nation. 

Indonesia become a new benchmark for people all over the world of how our unity in diversity could work in the nation’s advantages.

The five principles of Indonesia is not only to strengthen Indonesians, it became the new standard for “melting pot” countries. Pancasila, which really is the secret that keep the unity in Indonesia, became the new way of living for everybody. 

This is not just another cool apparel. It comes with a mission for both Urbain & Damn! I love Indonesia. We are here to spread the Pancasila idealism to become a new benchmark for Everybody. This way, we believe the world will become more tolerant & open minded, and able to cooperate shoulder to shoulder for a long time in the future. Wear this apparel proudly, because you are part of this movement.


Material : 100% Cotton

Care Instructions

  • Cuci lembut/ Mesin cuci dengan suhu max 30˚C
  • Jangan setrika area print
  • Jangan menggunakan pemutih

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